SegWit2x (B2X) – Bsave Policy

06 Nov SegWit2x (B2X) – Bsave Policy


The Segwit2x Fork is coming into effect approximately between the 13th and 16th of November 2017 (block 494,784).; Bsave will be supporting the most viable chain as quickly as possible (based primarily on market price).

Bsave will always choose to follow the main blockchain, regardless of future fork activities. It is our belief that one of the two chains will emerge as the most viable chain post-fork. This will be determined based primarily on market price and secondarily hashpower.

At the time of the fork, Bsave will disable customers’ ability to withdraw from their account. We will continue in this state until Bsave has confidence that we can resume operations in a secure and stable manner. We estimate that this will take approximately 24–72 hours but we are not able predict the exact duration. 
We observe that smaller forks often suffer from technical debt and a lack of mainstream support. For businesses in the space, this makes supporting more than one version of Bitcoin uneconomical.

As with BCash, Bsave will not recognize minority forks, or any other fork unless otherwise stated. If your intention is to own these forked coins, you MUST withdraw your funds at least 24H prior to the forking event. Of course, we want you to redeposit your funds later, with Bsave, and continue to enjoy daily, compounding, spendable, interest payments.

Best Regards

The BSAVE team