Now you can log in to BSave using Clef!

05 Apr Now you can log in to BSave using Clef!

Dear Bsavers,

Nothing gets us more excited than bringing you revolutionary bitcoin services. Remember, we are bitcoin lovers and hodlers, too.

First, we brought you the first and only interest bearing account that not only pays a daily, competitive interest rate to you, but a savings account bearing interest by the minute that allows you to withdraw at your leisure, not one month later. Bitcoin is your money, and you have a right to have it back when you want.

Today we are proud to announce our integration with Clef Clef offers Two-Factor Authentication from the future. It is passwordless logins powered by mobile cryptography.  Goodbye usernames. Goodbye passwords. Hello easy sign-ons and an even higher level of security for your hodl. If you want to learn more about how it works you can check out

Please download the Clef app and you will be the envy of your office as you show them how cool it is to sign on to your Bsave account and withdraw your coins as easy as scanning a Bitcoin address. Go try it now!

If you have any questions, check out or send an email to [email protected].

You can read more about the integration on Clef’s blog.

Make Bitcoin work for YOU with Bsave.

Yours truly,