Moving Forward to Improve and Grow your Hodl!

04 Feb Moving Forward to Improve and Grow your Hodl!

Dear Valued Customer,

If you signed up during the beta period, use the “forgot password” feature with your initial Coinbase email used and you will be able to use Bsave as normal.

After months of using Coinbase’s API during our beta phase, in addition to positive contact with them at the moment of and shortly after our launch at Bitcoin Miami, Coinbase let us know that we no longer had access to their API.

Within five minutes of the news, the team began the hours long process of migrating our service and furthered strategic talks with other wallet providers.

We worked day and night to quickly and securely provide a new solution for our customers and beta testers. Now, any bitcoin hodler is able to withdraw, deposit, and earn interest! We are confident our service will be completely updated by next week with a new revolutionary 2 factor authentication system.

We understand business relationships may change quickly and without notice and one must adjust his or her business model. Such adjustments are an opportunity for improvement. I’m confident you will continue to enjoy our service and all the new features and strategic partnerships we will roll out in the coming weeks and months.

Please check our Twitter @bsave_io for announcement.

We appreciate your patience and business!

Best regards
Jonathan Azeroual