Make Savings Great Again!

01 Aug Make Savings Great Again!

Bitcoin Ecosystem, we thank you and are blessed to be among you!

This week welcomed our 10,000th unique user. Our value proposition is simple: your bitcoin is your money and you should receive daily, spendable, exchangeable, interest payments on your principal deposit.

No other firm offers this service and we have made the process super simple. In the legacy financial world of negative interest rates (for the foreseeable future) we are confident we are on to something great here. Join us!

Best part: when the Bitcoin goes exchange rate trades down against fiat, our daily interest payments generally go up, in fact, a great deal up, relative to flat trading or upswing days. So, when your hodl takes a dive, Bsave is there for you! Leave your daily interest payments in your Bsave account, compound interest! Bsave is for YOU, hodler!

Please watch our two videos to learn more and follow us