Bsave integrates Authy 2FA

16 May Bsave integrates Authy 2FA

Dear Bsave Customers,

As you know, the shutdown of Clef two-factor authenticator is drawing near. We would like to take this opportunity to announce Authy integration.

Please make sure to connect your Bsave account to Authy, as Authy will now be our leading authenticator.
We encourage all our customers to activate it as soon as possible.

Customers who wish to transition away from Clef or simply activate Authy may do so by following these instructions:
-Login to your account
-Click on your email address on Bsave site to open the drop-down menu then click on “Security”
-Follow instructions

After completing the Authy activation, you will be able to login either via clef or via email/password.

Note that if you forgot your password, you can reset it using the following link:

Please keep in mind that Clef will remain operational until June 6th. After that it shall be permanently shut down on Bsave website and the email/password option will be the only way to login into your account even if you have not set up Authy.

Should you have further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime at [email protected]

Best regards,
The Bsave Support Team