About Us


The BSAVE team is drawn from a group of online entrepreneurs with a passion for combining the potential of alternative investments with the power of new technology. They bring proven experience and solid professional expertise from diverse backgrounds in the fields of finance, high tech development, online marketing and entertainment.


Jonathan Azeroual

Chief Executive Officer - CEO
& Co-founder

Jonathan graduated with honours in Financial and Statistical Engineering from Paris Dauphine University and holds an MBA in Finance from ESCP Europe. He worked as an quantitative analyst, fund manager and trader in France, United States and United Kingdom. Frustrated by the limitations of the existing financial institutions Jonathan became a Co-founder and COO at BSave. His vision is to radically simplify the process of online saving and investment and open the potential of digital currencies to millions of people around the world.

Background: Arrow – Lyxor – Societe Generale – Sunrise Brokers – ColleyCooper Capital

Steve Bellaïche

& Co-founder

Steve has 14 years experience in developing trading platforms, B2B electronic wallets and associated information systems. He has a detailed knowledge of every aspect of these fields and a reputation for delivering creative and innovative solutions for the FinTech industry.
Steve has found a full outlet for his energy and talents, creating a custom designed CRM and a complete trading solution: Website, affiliate platform, CRM, PSP integration, Meta Gateway, Webtrader and also an Algo Trading.

Background: Finotec. (R&D) – UPAY – MIT Technologies

Michaël Weizmann

& Co-founder

Michaël is an entrepreneur with a reputation for versatility and adaptability. He began his career as a civil pilot instructor in Canada where he was at one time the youngest flying instructor in Quebec. He subsequently gained solid experience as a program analyst, before working 9 years in the finance sector, arbitrage trading & middle office software development. As a player in the FinTech industry he combines creative flair with technological ability to fulfill as a Creative.

Background: Shopping.com – Camalia Capital Markets – Rodman Barney Securities – MIT Technologies

David Guez

Head of Corporate Development & Co-founder

David began his entrepreneurial career in the early 90’s as the co-founder and COO of Research & Communication, opening branches in Paris, Berlin and Rome. The firm’s main role was to advise embassies and United Nations organisations on their communication and PR. In 2001 he relocated to New York to open the fourth office of R&C as CEO founder of the American branch, subsequently expanding to Montreal. After selling the company in 2009, David switched to the world of finance, opening the brokerage “Rodman Barney Securities” with a full operational desk. David combines an energetic and dynamic approach to innovation, with over two decades of valuable experience in running both start-ups and established businesses.


BSAVE is based in the City of London. We chose London because not only is it one of the world’s great financial centers, it is also a bridge between North America and Europe, and has a well founded reputation for stability and integrity. London’s global outlook puts us firmly at the centre of the virtual currency industry and gives us a solid base for international operations.

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